Thursday 3 August 2023

Trench Foot - Moral Obscenity

Labels: Brutal Cave Productions/Dry Cough Records/Frozen Screams Imprint/Stump Grinder Records

Formats: CD/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 10 Jun 2022


1. Septic Experiments

2. Switchblade Slaughter

3. Incinerated Alive

Suddenly realised that there hasn't been any Dry Cough releases on here since the Atvm review in June.  Time's going by too quick right now. Apologies Andy! Back at it then with the latest EP to date from Liverpudlian death metal band Trench Foot. Moral Obscenity was released on tape via Dry Cough in June 2022, while Frozen Screams Imprint and Stump Grinder Records covered the US tape pressing. Portuguese label Brutal Cave Productions handled the CD release too. At the time of this EP Trench Foot was a solo project but I think it's a full band now.

One day to go until I get a much needed week away from the day job. I’m looking forward to sleeping, jamming more music and dare I say it, catching up on the old inbox. Before I get ahead of myself though, it’s time to focus my attention on Trench Foot and Moral Obscenity. I have this on tape and as with all previous Dry Cough releases, it’s provided me with a great listening experience to date, even if it’s taken me somewhat longer to actually write about it.

Opener ‘Septic Experiments’ is as old-school as modern death metal gets. It has amazingly good production that doesn’t detract from the gloomy, dank atmosphere delivered by both the instrumentation and vocals of sole member (on this release) Joe Bradley. If you add to that the harrowing yet scene-setting sample that kicks of this song, you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into.

‘Switchblade Slaughter’ ups the ante in terms of tempo and before you know it you’re halfway through the song (I say that after getting distracted by family dog videos on my phone!). I must note that I did pause the music while watching the videos because I didn’t want to miss any of the riffs. They’re effortless and sound like they come from a band much more advanced in years than Trench Foot.

EP closer ‘Incinerated Alive’ is a perfectly named song, complete with unnerving intro and frenetic kick-drumming. Said drumming propels you through the song’s first couple of minutes before the vocals kick in. Lengthy instrumental build-ups are what make death metal better for me. I’m drawn more to that than the brutal/slam death approach of instant bludgeoning. The song’s latter half is no different for me. The groove, the solos and the dirty bellows make it what it is.

I wasn’t sure if three songs were going to be enough here but this EP is more than long enough to get you salivating for more from Trench Foot. The rich tapestry of death metal continues to grow and the UK is very much leading the way IMO.

You can stream and purchase Moral Obscenity on all formats from Trench Foot below (but be quick if you want physical copies):-

Trench Foot -

Tape copies are long sold out from Dry Cough, but physical copies are still available from the labels below:-

Brutal Cave Productions -

Frozen Screams Imprint -

Stump Grinder Records -

Brutal Cave Productions -

Dry Cough Records -

Frozen Screams Imprint - @frozen_screams_imprint Instagram

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