Thursday 10 February 2022

Engraved - Mourning In Funereal Miasma (Rehearsal MMXXI)

Labels: Self-Released/Dry Cough Records

Formats: Digital/Tape

Release Date: 31 Mar 2021/07 May 2021

1. Mourning In Funereal Miasma

Costa Rica has been making a bit of name for itself in extreme metal circles over the few years. One band that's reached the ears of UK fans and those further afield is funeral doom trio Engraved. 'Mourning In Funereal Miasma' was the band's debut release, gathering a live rehearsal recording that was released digitally in March 2021 before being pressed on tape via UK label Dry Cough Records two months later. I've said before that Dry Cough is a label I've been purchasing releases from almost religiously over the years, but sadly I've not kept up with writing about them. I'm going to try and catch up on that front this year.

I think this release takes Dry Cough back to their early days of putting out disgustingly great doom like On Pain Of Death, Open Tomb, Ommadon and Meth Drinker etc. Slow, gnarly yet engrossing doom that’s true to itself. Engraved is certainly that and more with lumbering percussion, lower than low rhythm guitar, melodic/feedback-ridden lead guitar and dread-filled vocals. While effectively a rehearsal demo, ‘Mourning In Funereal Miasma’ captures exactly what Engraved are about, with the trio mixing rhythmic doom with improvisation. 

They really tap into what makes funeral doom so captivating (to an extreme metal fan anyway). It’s a sound that can’t be rushed. One that demands time and attention, instead of being an instant hit of adrenaline. Engraved manage to conjure up dark and dreadful emotional responses in doing so, manifesting themselves into deep psychological torture of the aural kind. That might sound extreme but if you’re open to different musical experiences, it really isn’t. Music can take any form (no matter how subjective) and it’ll still leave it’’s mark on you. In this case that mark is delivered via twenty five minutes of utterly slow depravity. More please!

You can stream and purchase 'Mourning In Funereal Miasma' digitally from Engraved below:-

Physical tape copies can still be purchased from Dry Cough Records below too:-

Dry Cough Records -

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