Wednesday 20 October 2021

Terry Green/Huge Cosmic - Split Tape


Labels: Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 03 Nov 2015


1. Terry Green - What The...

2. Terry Green - Instant Relief

3. Huge Cosmic - Danny Bombs The Universe

4. Huge Cosmic - Garmonbonzai

It's time for another Zegema Beach roster review. I think people get the gist of this series of reviews by now, but just in case, I decided to start reviewing ZBR releases in chronological order from earliest to latest according to bandcamp. It's not an easy undertaking as there's a lot of material to get through. This is review number 49 and it features 2015 Terry Green/Huge Cosmic split. Both bands are from Ontario, Canada and are still making music. This tape was limited to 125 copies.

I’m sure at some point during this review I’m going to have a sneezing fit. I might be allergic to something but I have no idea what that something is. Anyway, that’s way too much information for tonight. A warm cup of tea and this split tape should see me right. It’s a short one beginning with two tracks from Terry Green. ‘What The…’ is very anthemic in the musical sense, while the harsh vocals paint a different picture. There are some subtle cleans in there too and it reminds me at times of one of the more widely known Canadian screamo bands (whose name I won’t mention here).

Terry Green’s second song ‘Instant Relief’ is not as instant in it’s delivery as you might think. It builds via lovely guitar melodies and percussive elements, adding a much more sensitive warmth to the split so far. A warmth that doesn’t even dissipate when the screams and off-kilter tempos come into view. There’s real energy here and it’s all very uplifting actually. It matches my mood right now, which is also upbeat. They say that moods dictate music, but sometimes both are in tune.

Huge Cosmic is up next with ‘Danny Bombs The Universe’ and you’re treated to something equally as melodic and musical. There are so many elements here that mean that Huge Cosmic should be way bigger than they are (as with Terry Green). Again, there are comparisons to forefathers of the post-hardcore/screamo scene here but again I’m hesitant to name them, as I don’t want to run the risk of pigeonholing. I’m sure you’ll be able to pick them out when listening.

‘Garmonbonzai’ is slightly darker in terms of the vocal melodies that seem to flit between different scales and tones. The instrumentation follows yet there’s such a cool (and maybe subtle) surf-rock/indie vibe going on until the song’s final third, where thicker riffs take over, offering much more of a Tool-esque rock feel. All in all it’s a great song that rounds out a great split tape. Both bands make their own moulds as opposed to trying to fit into one that’s already there.

Please go and listen to both Terry Green and Huge Cosmic. They’re both great and if you can find a copy of this here tape, damn well snap it up!

You can stream and grab a digital version of the split here:-

Terry Green -

Huge Cosmic -

You can buy tape copies from Zegema Beach Records below:-

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