Thursday 27 August 2020

Amid The Old Wounds - Vignette 7"

Labels: Time As A Color

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 07 Aug 2020


1. Vignette

2. Great Expectations

3 Instant Stars (Demo)

I have a ton of new music in physical formats to listen to and this 7" EP from Amid The Old Wounds is just one. Long time friend and awesomely creative musician/human being Daniel (also of Duct Hearts and Wishes On A Plane) sent me this a little while ago. The EP was released in early August by Time As A Color Records and was pressed onto 200 copies, 150 on black and 50 on clear purple vinyl, and was housed in a screen-printed card sleeve with a folder insert and centre labels featuring the heart above. The music contained within the grooves is acoustic emo. 

It’s been a strange day and I found no rhythm whatsoever while at work, so relaxation was well and truly needed. No heavy music this evening, instead the soothing melodic tones of Amid The Old Wounds and EP opening song ‘Vignette’, which is a quietly played and very moving. It allows for plenty of reflection, which is sometimes lost during the pace of modern life.

As this period of 2020 has taught many of us, life is fragile and sometimes slowing down is good. We’re all stuck in routine and taking a step back can be a great thing. It struck me while listening to ‘Great Expectations’ that there’s an element of that within the recording and it perhaps helped to shape the artistic process that Daniel went through.

EP closer ‘Instant Stars’ is a demo version and it’s short but sweet. Both the layered acoustic guitar and the gentle vocals bring a swathe a calm across you when listening and leaves you blissfully wanting more. People’s ingenuity and creativity has come to the fore during the recent uncertainty and none more so than here. Amid The Old Wounds warms the coldest of corners.

You can stream Vignette and buy it as a name-your-price download below:-

Physical copies can be purchased here -

Also, if that wasn't enough of a reason to visit Time As A Color, the label is also selling skateboarding accessories and shoes too.

Time As A Color -

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