Tuesday 9 October 2018

Ravage Ritual - XVIII

Labels: Unquiet Records/Powertrip Records
Release Date: 08 Oct 2018


1. Introduction
2. I
3. II

In August I posted on social media asking for people's recommendations on what I should review. I don't normally do this but I thought it would be a great way to increase the interaction with people who take the time to read my blog. Now, because I'm a slow ares, I'm only getting round to writing these reviews up now and I'm starting with the newest EP from Finnish heavy hardcore band Ravage Ritual. "XVIII" was only released officially yesterday and has been made available digitally and on cd from Unquiet Record and Powertrip Records (with a 7" due soon), as well as via the band themselves. 

Ravage Ritual is a Finnish band very much inspired by H8000 hardcore and the Holy Terror-sound. The Introduction proves this with heavy guitar and drumming that creates a mid-paced mosh-a-long. I is a straight-up continuation of the Introduction, filled with great riffs and guitar effects. When the full backline and vocals kick in it’s pure metallic mayhem. Ravage Ritual goes hard and are as life affirming as an angry hardcore band can get, especially given their penchant for early the metalcore sound.

That early-metalcore sound is even more obvious on II thanks to the awesome thrash tempos and screaming guitar-work. The double-bass will rip you a new one while the screams are delivered with true power and belligerence. This is savage yet rhythmic and as it closes out with a wall of jarring feedback and noise, you’ll still be headbanging uncontrollably. Just when you thought heavy music was being overrun by progression and slow riffs, along comes Ravage Ritual to prove otherwise. Hardcore for the win. 

You can stream and purchase "XVIII" on cd and mp3 formats below:-

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