Friday 17 August 2018

Finis - Visions Of Doom

Labels: Iron Bonehead Productions
Formats: Vinyl/CD/Digital
Release Date: 28 May 2018


1. 11 Temple Stones
2. Visions Of Doom
3. Fosforos

Iron Bonehead has found a band from their native land and they've released a three-track LP with them. Finis is from Germany (though I'm not sure exactly where) and they released a demo called "At One With Nothing" in 2016. It was enough for Iron Bonehead to take note and fast-forward a couple of years and here we are. The trio dabbles in both death and black metal, with swirling doom adding atmosphere. Note: I started writing this review a couple of days ago, so contrary to what it's opening sentence says below, I've not had a couple of beers this morning. It's way too early for that!

I really shouldn’t write reviews when I’ve had a couple of beers. I tend to type really incoherent sentences as a result. Thankfully the doom-death & black metal of Finis is able to focus the mind pretty well. LP opener 11 Temple Stones is a collage of both extreme and oddly catchy death metal. Okay, so it’s not easy to grasp if you’re not an extreme metal fan already but there’s definitely a lot to be enjoyed as the melodic guitars fight for space with the ethereal growls. 

The title-track leans more towards the black metal end of the spectrum with melodic buzzsaw guitar work and percussion to match. It’s relentless pace of the song is offset by the clever song-writing that helps Finis to keep hold of the listener. They’re experimental leanings are present too, with a mid-section  that contains bell tolls and a lot of fuzzy guitar noise. 

LP closer Fosforos is an incredibly atmospheric instrumental piece, which is a welcome change of direction after the bands heavier and more barbaric numbers earlier on. This song once again shows how good Finis is in song-writing terms and there’s still a lot to get lost in, musically. Finis is about more than just black/death/doom metal. There’s a lot creativity and sensitivity hidden within the heaviness. It’s going to be a fun journey watching how the band develops but for now, “Visions Of Doom” is a fantastic starting point for new listeners.

You can stream "Visions Of Doom" below:-

It's available now on vinyl, cd and digital formats from Iron Bonehead Productions above.

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