Sunday 1 July 2018

Dischordia - Binge/Purge EP

Labels: Self-Released
Formats: CD/Digital
Release Date: 15 Jun 2018


1. Binge
2. Purge

I'm going for a bit of a Sunday afternoon booze session later on, so thought I'd get some writing done early. This is the latest EP from Oklahoma City (Oklahoma, US) technical death metal band Dischordia. It was self-released in the middle of June by the band and it follows their 2016 full-length "Thanatopsis". The trio formed in 2010 and to date they've released two EPs and two full-lengths prior to  "Binge/Purge", which features just two tracks but clocks in at nearly fifteen minutes, so there's plenty of music to get stuck into here. 

Dischordia lists bands such as Gorguts and Ulcerate in their FFO section on bandcamp and they’re very accurate with that one. Binge is full of technicality thanks to the riffs that are all over the place, the bass which is jazzy underneath, the powerful drumming and of course the obligatory harsh, deep vocal bellows. It’s slow at times, thrashy at others but also heavy without being too “br00tal”. This is awesome and it reminds me a so many of the incredible death metal bands that I’ve come across over the years, like Pyrrhon and Okazaki Fragments to name a couple. Dischordia certainly knows how to right music that’s for the thinking man while still raging. They fit in a gloriously techy/mathy instrumental passage later on just to add to the boatloads of progression that already call the song home. 

Second song Purge starts off with a slower and more menacing tempo, with strange noise accompanying the drums and vocals. It’s a doom-like affair with the heaviness dialled-up a notch. A more straightforward approach might be what you think of initially and I guess you’d be right, but whereas Binge was mental from the off, Dischordia builds the technicality up slower here. It’s a really clever nuance to use as you don’t quite know what to expect as the song progresses. The flute-lead passage towards the end of the song is a welcome change of pace and again it highlight’s Dischordia’s willingness to experiment without relying on the same old genre trappings. This EP is great and Dischordia is certainly a band that assert themselves. More researching and listening is required with this band for sure. 

You can stream and purchase "Binge/Purge" on CD or digitally below:-

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