Friday 28 April 2017

Saligia - The New Innocence


1. Loud Speaker
2. La Nausee
3. Ulcer
4. Obscuritas Aeterna
5. Metropolis
6. The War Is Over

I begin this review with a quote from an piece I read over at Invisible Oranges recently, "It took a little creative thinking to figure out how to approach the idea of hosting screamo songs on a metal website". The piece itself was about the new Jeromes Dream tribute comp that'll be released at the end of May; however, it was that opening sentence that may think about people's tastes and how the categorise certain genres. I know a lot of people who're into both metal and punk and "screamo" has a lot in common with both genres. I love Invisible Oranges but I just wonder if that line really gave the site's readers enough credit. 

Anyway, there is a link between the above paragraph and this review because the comp in question is in part being released by Zegema Beach Records, whom have recently released this 10" record by German screamo band Saligia along with a host of other labels. Saligia is made up of current and ex-members of some pretty heavyweight screamo/heavy bands including The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra, Republic Of Dreams, The Gentle Art Of Chokin', Lentic Waters, Resurrectionists and also contains the head-honcho of React With Protest Records and the brains behind Cry Me A River Festival. "The New Innocence" was released digitally by the band in November 2016 and is now out on both vinyl and tape.

No doubt if you’re a fan of screamo/emo, you’ll already be familiar with Saligia. Their a fast and violent band with an undercurrent of melody. Loud Speaker is an apt name for the opening song, as it pulses with a wall of guitars, flailing percussion and harsh vocals. It’s a mix of fast tempos and slow crawls and Saligia is able to turn on a sixpence. There’s a real bleakness to their sound, which may or may not be reminiscent of the mood in their home country at the moment. This brand of punk typifies the creativity of a whole host of bands and Saligia proves it can give metal a run for it’s money any day. La Nausee is brooding with atmosphere and subtle technicality amongst the chaos. Ulcer could well have been written to describe any particularly vapid individual and it’s a joy to listen to, despite it’s brief playing time. Just like the “God Free Youth” banner that emblazons the top of their bandcamp page, they channel freedom of thought and expression through their music. The twin guitars that open up Obscuritas Aeterna hints at the blackened heaviness that’s too follow. Off-kilter rhythms and plenty of volume rule supreme here. European bands seems to do this so well. They’re bewildering on penultimate song Metropolis. It’s actually quite amazing what they can fit into a two-minute song, such is the complexity and speed at which it’s delivered. The rumbling bass intro to The War Is Over lures you into a fall sense of security, as the closing song bursts into life with pummelling ferocity. That being said though it’s not uncomfortable. Saligia has created something both bitter and beautiful on “The New Innocence”. These six songs don’t last to long but they do leave a lasting impression. 

Stream and download it via the band here:-

Saligia Facebook -

Vinyl and tape copies can be purchased from the labels below:-

Moment of Collapse Records -
React With Protest Records -
Zegema Beach Records -
IFB Records -
Colossus Tapes -

Summercide Records and Trends Die Records (who also participated in the release) don't have the record for sale via their sites currently.

Summercide Records Facebook -
Moment Of Collapse Records Facebook -
React With Protest Website -
Zegema Beach Records Facebook -
IFB Records Website -
Colossus Tapes Facebook -

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