Monday 17 April 2017

Fleurety - Fragmenta Cuinsvis Aetatis Contemporaneae 7"


1. Consensus
2. Carnal Nations

I had such high hopes for this long weekend but it seems my productivity has somewhat deserted me. Anyway, I couldn't resist the opportunity to listen to the latest 7" by Norwegian black/avant-garde metal royalty, Fleurety. I'm still making my way through Dayal Patterson's "Cult Never Dies" series of black metal books and Fleurety were one of bands that he talked about as being early influencers within not just Norway's black metal movement, but the global movement as a whole. Forming in 1991, Fleurety released two full-length records, shifted stylistically from the black metal of their early days to a more progressive sound and after a 9 years gap, begun to release a series of 7"s via Aesthetic Death Records in 2009. "Fragmenta Cuinsvis Aetatis Contemporaneae" is the duo's fourth. 

Easy listening this is not. Consensus hits you like a jarring piece of improvisational jazz/noise before Fleurety flows into an unnerving yet futuristic black-metal drone, complete with swathes of electronics. It’s very much like a nightmarish nursery rhyme. Second song Carnal Nations does contain a more traditional musical structure. It’s gloomier and thanks to the sparse use of vocals, it’s droning nature caries through. You occasionally come across music that either feels like a work of genius or idiocy. “Fragmenta…” teeters on the edge but is only saved by Fleurety’s reputation. It’s a glimpse into the minds of two creatives making music at a time when boundaries are constantly being pushed and broken. They deserve their place amongst the avant-garde of 2017. Be warned, this is not for the casual listener.

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