Sunday 18 August 2013

Esoteric Youth - The Burden of Living 7"

There's something really satisfying about being able to follow a band from their initial demo as they chart their own trajectory. Manchester's Esoteric Youth are one of those bands. With their first demo being self-released through their Night Terrors label, before being repressed by Church of Fuck in mid 2012. They then released a split tape with Scottish sludge/hardcore band Prelude To The Hunt early in 2013 which saw them up their game and now comes their first vinyl release, in the form of The Burden of Living, which is a co-operative release through Church of Fuck and Moshtache Records. With a tour alongside Heksed to come, the second half of the year will very much be business end for these guys.


1. Disease
2. Senicide
3. The Burden of Living
4. Weltschmerz

If you're familiar with EY's brand of crusty, heavy blackened hardcore, you'll know that they get straight to the point. That literally happens as soon as opener Disease kicks off. You're greeted by rabid screams and an unholy cacophony of guitar and drums, which plies together that crusty hardcore with slower, more introspective ambience. The metallic edge is more prevalent during Senicide and the riffs created are like subliminal siren songs, beckoning you to sin! There's an unnerving black metal edge to the song, which brings the atmosphere down to a further, sinister low. It's an epic song that shows that their song writing has turned up another notch or three.

The title track follows in the same vein, but this time it has more treble poking through the mire. Sometimes off-kilter but all the time sincere, you can’t help but get carried away by the abject despair that the song makes you feel. It's a measure of the greyness and gloom that the band feels on a daily basis when existing in the concrete metropolis of Manchester. As Weltschmerz rings out, these don't seem like songs separated by split second gaps but as a whole. They form a story and carry momentum like boulders in a flood. Satanic music will only get you so far but this brand of hardcore noise will stir up proper emotion and genuine terror in you. The purpose by which it's delivered and the abandon by which it careens through its length, leave you breathless and cold. Say hello to your future, for it is bleak!

 If you can't wait for the vinyl to be released, you can stream it here:-

You can also buy The Burden of Living digitally for £3 from the above page.

In terms of that vinyl, pre-orders are up at Church of Fuck here -
and will be up at Moshtache Records shortly -

Esoteric Youth Facebook -
Church of Fuck Facebook -
Moshtache Records Facebook -

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