Thursday 15 December 2022

Det Ar Därför Vi Bygger Stader/Mrtex - Split 7"

Labels: Dingleberry Records/Friendly Otter/Samegrey Records/Through Love Records/Wolf Town DIY/Zegema Beach Records

Foermats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 03 Sep 2017


1. Det Ar Därför Vi Bygger Stader - Jag Ringer Nog Dig Om Allt Gar At Helvete

2. Det Ar Därför Vi Bygger Stader - Nar Du Kom Tillbaka Sa Var All Disk Ren

3. Det Ar Därför Vi Bygger Stader - Akvarell

4. Mrtex - Slapping The General Populace

4. Mrtex - Inhaling Infants

I recently acquired a physical copy of this split, which brings my Zegema Beach Records discography collection to 51 releases (though that is a rough guesstimate). This 7" was released back in late 2017 featuring songs from Sweden's Det Ar Därför Vi Bygger Stader and US/Canadian band Mrtex. 250 copies were pressed in pretty d.i.y fashion, but that's fine as the aesthetic suits it well.

This split is chock full of piercing emoviolence/screamo and Det Ar Därför’s opener ‘Jag Ringer Nog Dig Om Allt Gar At Helvete’ is a rude awakening if you were expecting something more tuneful. The vocals are super high-pitched screams that almost sound a bit comical, but they’re not, as you’ll realise on ‘Nar Du Kom Tillbaka Sa Var All Disk Ren’. I’m sure I’ve said before that I hear a Japanese influence on Det Ar Därför’s music, but I can still hear it in the atmosphere they weave here. Their final song ‘Akvarell’ is more artsy than I remember any of their earlier music to be and it’s fantastic.

Mrtex follow with two songs that sit on the rawer end of the spectrum, while being lengthier and less violent. ’Slapping The General Populace’ makes use of their instrumental ability (as the instrumentation takes most of the slack), while the vocals are more prevalent at both the beginning and the end-ish. ‘Inhaling Infants’ is like a blistering mass of percussive mite and explosive tension. There’s also plenty of beauty in it too.

Recently when I’ve sat down to write these reviews, I’ve been calm and my head’s been somewhat empty, but this evening’s felt a bit different for whatever reason. What it has done is made really appreciate the raw, cathartic energy that went into the songs that appear on this split. I’m a believer in non-violence and pacifism , but I think I could do with laying off higher-tempo releases like this for a little bit.

You can stream and purchase both sides of the split digitally below:-


Det Ar Därför Vi Bygger Stader -

Mrtex -

Physical copies are still available from the below labels:-

Friendly Otter -

Through Love Records -

Zegema Beach Records - CAN/INTL -

Dingleberry Records - Records

Friendly Otter -

Samegrey Records -

Through Love Records -

Wolf Town DIY -

Zegema Beach Records -

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