Thursday 12 September 2019

Radien - Aste

Labels: Bunkkeri Records
Formats: Vinyl/CD/Digital
Release Date: 03 Jul 2019


1. Tunne
2. Haudat

It's a weird feeling when you feel mentally drained but physically raring to go. Maybe it's because it's nearly the end of another working week and hedonism awaits. Either way, passing another milestone on the blog this week has left me with a satisfied inner warmth and the impetus to write more. Radien is a band that I've featured before and because of my love for Finnish bands, I was excited to review, though it's taken a little longer than I had hoped to get to this point. The band's latest work "Aste" was released in July via Finnish label Bunkkeri Records and since it's release, support slots alongside Full Of Hell have been and gone, only to be followed soon by equally as big shows in November alongside Inter Arma,

“Aste” features only two songs but they’re both long players. Tunne begins with plenty of ambience and emotive vocals courtesy of Noora Kauppila (melodic singing) and Juuso Raunio (chants and throat singing). It takes a while for Radien’s black/doom/sludge to build and in doing so, it paints a bleak image that’s inescapable. When Radien opens up the delivery provides an equal atmosphere with pained growls and metallic layers that remind you of slower, sludge-filled metallic hardcore from the likes of Integrity (at times). The bass-tone accompanies the slower tempos throughout dragging Radien’s sound down an ever deeper and darker rabbit hole.

Second song Haudat is equally as atmospheric, with a much heavier slant than Tunne initially. Radien’s avant-garde vision definitely came through during that first song and it’s alive and well here thanks to the addition of the Saxophone played by Tommi Rapeli. It works really well alongside the dissonance and feedback (as well as what sounds like whale song, though it’s probably not). Being mainly instrumental, Haudat is left to wander on it’s own and forge a path that’s sometimes disturbing and sometimes hauntingly beautiful. Overall, “Aste” is a lovely body of work but it leaves you hoping that Radien’s productivity will lead to more songs and even a longer full-length record soon. For now though, the band's entire back catalogue is worthy of your attention and admiration.

You can stream "Aste" and buy it digitally and on vinyl below:-

CD copies, vinyl and other Radien merch is available from Bunkkeri Records below:-

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